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Pburg Library Starts New After School Art Program

The Philipsburg Library responded quickly after receiving word that the school had not yet found a new art teacher for this year.  Even worse, the school did not receive The 21st Century Grant this year which had been funding after school and summer camp programs.   

The library was able to immediately respond and provide a meaningful solution for the youth crisis.  Working together staff and volunteers from the library are creating exciting and engaging replacement after school programs for the community youth.  

Support from Friends of the Library and help from a responsive and generous community has aided the library in its objective to provide a solution to fill the need to continue to provide for a significant youth programs to be available and readily accessible to the youth in our community. 

A Pint Night fundraiser for the new library youth program was organized and held at the Philipsburg Brewing Company, Thursday, September 13, 2018.  The event was well attended and generously raised $950.00 for the cause as well as, art supply donations, pledges and necessary resources to provide immediate support for the library to launch the new after school program.  Other items such as board games and Legos had also been donated for other after school programs as well. 

Lead by library volunteers Kristin Viceomini and Katie Muhly, the after-school art program at the library is up and running.  Since its launch two weeks ago, the new youth after school art program is already a hit with the kids and another community success story charged and demonstrated by our public library. 

It was reported that there were 22 kids in attendance the first week.  This week there had been 25 children in attendance participating in the awesome new weekly youth program provided by the Phillipsburg Public Library.

In this week’s art class, the children had the opportunity to learn about the pointillism style of painting.  In in this technique, small distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image.  The method was developed in 1886 by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac.  The root of the painting technique was inspired by the impressionism method.    

Georges Seurat began a movement with this technique known as Neo-impressionism. 

The younger group of children we also engaged using popsicle sticks as the medium to create mini easels and min artworks.   

What a success.  It was terrific to observe the happy youth delightfully engaged in their personal art projects.  There was clearly an attentive spark of natural interest, imagination, engaged creative inspiration, and vivid artistic expression.

Word has it that there is a Gallery Showing night in the works.

For more information about the after-school programs provided at the Philipsburg Library contact the library for more information.  The contact number for the library is (406) 859-5030.  The library is located at 102 S Sansome St, Philipsburg, MT 59858. 

Visit the library on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/philipsburgpubliclibraryMT/

Visit the library Philipsburg Library Website: https://www.pburglibrary.org/  

Julian Ricci