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QSPNLive 3.0 Coming SOON!

QitCo QSPNLive Network Studio 2019

GREETINGS from QSPNLive.com Administration,

March 3rd was the official beginning of the 3 year of production for the QSPNLive.com, Network. A resource service of Quantum IT Company, LLC. (QitCo).  Currently QSPNLive.com is undergoing a much anticipated Q3.0 version redesign with an extreme user experience interface core upgrade. Q3.0 offers awesome new dynamic feature enhancements which are currently under way! "STAY TUNED" QitCo's release of QSPNLive.com Q3.0 and then more... is abound!

QSPNLive.com is now officially on spring break.  The website is open and current content is available. Our top 3 view articles have been viewed by just shy of 50,000 visitors. 

Rejuvenated from SPRING BREAK, QSPNLive.com will return full force unlike ever before with all new programming and user feature upgrades. The new dynamic user experience will systematically go online as each service attribute is ready for release between April 30th forward through the rest of 2019. A "Q3.0" live release event will be held after the new system goes online.  Once Q3.0 is online, QSPNLive will begin studio live stream programing from the NEW   QitCo, QSPNLive Southwest Montana Regional Network Studio Facility.

We are excited and looking forward to introducing an all new generation of advanced Professional Digital Agency HiTech Information Technology, content programming, data center, Studio, Streaming and Publication Network Infrastructure Services.  We are excited to release new advanced dynamic user features and business apps service upgrades.

In the meantime calendar updates and various content updates will continue periodically populate.

During the redesign, be sure to also tune in @ QSPNLive.com Facebook Feed for current updates while the 3.0 website upgrades are under development. 

Lastly, for your consideration. The QSPN3.0 system upgrade is just one successful marketplace application integration phase of a much larger network infrastructure interface upgrade now in progress. The new system is designed to provide greater rural community COMPLETE Digital Agency Market Network Resource Infrastructure.  We are really excited and look forward to the QSPNLive Q3.0 release now on the horizon!



Julian Ricci - President

QSPNLive Network Administration

Quantum IT Company, LLC. (QitCo)

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