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Verlanic unofficial winner of Drummond School Board Seat

DRUMMOND - In an election where less than half of the eligible voters cast a ballot, Alex Verlanic won the Drummond School Board seat against incumbent Andy Weaver.

The final count was 200-82 in favor of Verlanic. The vote is unofficial until the Drummond School Board canvasses the vote at its next meeting May 14. But barring any oddities in the vote, Verlanic will replace Weaver on the four-person board.

The other three members of the board are Leslie de Santiago, Bob Suthers and Scott Struna. Struna ran unopposed for his seat after being appointed last fall.

The vote was conducted by Toby Wetsch of Drummond Schools with final ballots being delivered by Tuesday's 8 p.m. deadline.

by Tim Allen, QSPNLive.com


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