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2018 Homecoming Parade in Philipsburg, Montana.  September 21, 2018.  Go Titans!  The Homecoming Game against Plains will be held in Drummond this evening and is scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm.    

The Philipsburg Library responded quickly after receiving word that the school had not yet found a new art teacher for this year.  Even worse, the school did not receive The 21st Century Grant this year which had been funding after school and summer camp programs.   

Wayne Hale 2018 Granite County Commissioner Candidate

A QSPNLive.com insider interview with Wayne Hale hosted by Julian Ricci and Carolyn Bechard. 

Wayne gives us an inside look at who he is and what has motivated him to jump into the Granite County Commissioners race late into the campaign season.  Wayne is stepping up to be the Independent Write In peoples choice alternative. 

QSPNLive.com, Julian Ricci and Michelle Risho, recently had the privilege to an exclusive one-on-one interview with Daniel Reddish, the current Mayor of Philipsburg, Montana.  Daniel has become mayor after having served on the Philipsuburg Town Council for 6 years through multiple town administrations.  

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Are you ready for hunting season? Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks can help. In addition to the following hunting forecast, FWP’s provides online information about hunting access, including our popular Block Management Program. Through the program, we coordinate with landowners to provide hunting access to more than 7 million acres of private land.