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July 2018 written Mayor's Address to the Residents of Philipsburg, Montana by current Mayor, Daniel Reddish.  Read the full written address as recorded in official town hall documentation: 


Town of Philipsburg

July 2018


Dear Town Residents,     

Summer has arrived! Contained within this mailing are a couple of documents that the Town government believes our customers will find interesting and hopefully informative...

The first one is the 2017 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. This is a report of compiled data reflecting the monitoring and testing of our municipal water supply. The production and distribution of this report is mandated by law and it is a responsibility that your local government takes very seriously.

If there are any specific questions that you may have concerning the content of this report please direct them to the Philipsburg Public Works Department, they can be reached at 859-3455.

The second document is a copy of our Town’s recently updated Policy concerning Sewer and Water hook-ups into the Town's existing system. Contained within this document are references to the application and fees, responsibilities of the customers, and obligations of the Town. Also included is information on current billing rates and payment requirements established by the Philipsburg Town Council.

We would ask that our current account holders pay attention to the “maintenance and responsibility” portion of this document. These include such things as prompt response to discovered leaks in customer service lines, and obvious materials that should never be flushed or placed into drain systems.

Our computerized billing system is constantly being updated as property changes hands through sale and so forth. We would ask property owners to contact our billing clerk, Sherry Cotton, at 859-3821 as soon as the sale of property is closed. This will allow us to discontinue billing to the former property owner, settle their account and be prepared to open a new account for the purchaser in a timely manner.

For those folks who own property that they rent, wherein the renter is responsible to make the sewer and water payments, we would advise that you contact the Town to find out the outstanding balance of the amount remaining on the renter's account once you are notified of the renter's eminent departure, as any remaining balance will become the responsibility of the property owner once the renter is no longer within reach.

For those of you who have multiple accounts and make a payment with a single check we would ask that you specify the amount that you would like applied to each individual account. This can be done by attaching a simple note to your payment.

I thank you for taking the time to examine this correspondence and consider our requests. These requests are made so that we may be able to provide our customers better service, while at the same minimizing hours spent by our clerks researching and updating histories of specific accounts. Please feel free to contact me at 859-3821, Monday through Thursday, between 8 a.m. and noon, with any concerns or questions that you may have about any of the above-mentioned items.


Daniel Reddish, Mayor