Last updateFri, 03 Apr 2020 8pm


Attention: ET Contact assemble Scheduled for Saturday...

Dear Friends of the JAML,

Dr. Steven Greer has issued an appeal that groups of people who are interested in making peaceful ET Contact assemble together this Saturday evening, June 1, at 9 PM (MST) and...

participate in a global CE-5 event. Many who have come out to the JAML have expressed an interest in doing this. Given the recent revelations concerning our US military's frequent engagements with UFO craft over many years, it appears that the lid of UFO secrecy is finally being lifted. Perhaps this may be creating more fertile conditions for citizens to make peaceful Contact with the beings behind the UFO phenomenon. We should try to find out.

For those who are interested in participating, please make it out to the JAML by 9 PM. We are going to sit outside, so definitely wear some warm clothes (and maybe bring a blanket)! We will sit together, focus our thoughts on making peaceful contact, and invite "them" to somehow interact with our group in a way that is peaceful, yet unmistakable. If such Contact happens, this will lend evidence that these beings are also interested in making peaceful contact with us, and will belie claims from others, like our US military, that these beings are a threat to us or to our national security.

A tide seems to be turning, and I am excited to see if this might translate into a successful CE-5 that would both amaze and humble us all. Please come join us if you can!

Richard O'Connor