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What is QSPNLive.com?

QSPNLive is the first Digital Media Broadcast Network to focus on serving rural communities with relevant content in Western Montana with engaging real-time news, sports, events and local features.

QSPN Advertising Graphic

Who is QSPNLive's Audience?

Content that we deliver to the consumer network market is viewed by tens of thousands of people in and around Granite County, Deer Lodge County, Western Montana, and beyond. By using social media, we also dial in certain demographics, behavioral traits, geo-targeting and more to ensure your message is reaching who you want, maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising wherever your customers may reside.

What is QSPNLive’s Advertising Advantage?

We deliver quality media services, just as an ad agency would. What distinguishes us from anyone else is that we also have a media network which is driven by quality journalism and content. When you combine advertising with local content designed for your target market, the results are tremendous. And unlike other media outlets, we can monitor, modify and deliver precise, real-time messaging and provide exact data regarding exactly how many people have seen your message, and how effective or engaging it is.

Available Media Services

Enhanced Display Ads – We will use, design and modify Ad Copy in full color to ensure messages are building name recognition, doing so while enticing customers to engage further by clicking on a link to your Website or Social Media page. By invisibly incorporating key words using metadata, we can also help improve your search engine indexing.

Social Media Campaigns - Responsive ad campaigns may be crafted to achieve very particular result objectives based on a variety of specific advertising matrix options. A defined target audience allows your message to reach a precise market with specific material geared to attract respondents most likely to be affected and gravitated to your message based on matching interest, behavior, need or want. Targeting methods also allow your campaign to be matched with respondents likely seeking your specific product or professional services. Additional targeting criteria include impulse drivers, as well as personal character traits, age, gender, income, tourism, and geographical location factors.

Featured Business Articles – As a featured business on QSPNLive.com can write about a story, event, etc., highlighting features of your business or services. Using keywords will allow us to enhance search engine indexing with the metadata already being incorporated.

Marketplace for Exclusive Promotions & Coupons – Do you have a product you want to move or service you want featured? We can…

Advertising Circular Hosting – Hosting an ad circular or sales flyer on our site has many advantages, especially when using Social Media Campaigns to target specific markets and hosted on a website with high traffic and visibility. Editing capabilities available.  

HD Video Commercials & Stories, Including Licensed Drone Footage – We can shoot HD quality edited footage with Graphics and Music to convey a visually stunning action image capture to promote your story and deliver it in the most direct & effective manner.

Live Broadcasts & Action Ads – While sporting events, weather updates or community events that are happening, we broadcast your business name to the community as an official sponsor, increasing name recognition and awareness. Our broadcasts reverberate locally and are shared with people all around the Region and Country.

SMS Text Messaging Blasts – Do you have a message you would like sent directly to customers phones instantly via text message? We have the capabilities to do just that.

Classified and Real Estate Listings – A QSPNLive.com Real Estate Listing Service

Community, Event Promotion and Fundraising – QSPNLive Calendar hosts community event listings which are posted to social media outlets and can be promoted to reach people most likely to be interested in a particular event.    

Action Ads – Your business name will be mentioned during live broadcasts covering events, news alerts, weather alerts and sporting event coverages.

Website Development, Hosting & Management – We do it all, ask to learn more!

Mobile App Development – Please ask to learn more!



Contact us to speak with a knowledgable onsultant as, soon as possible!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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