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What Ails You

Men’s Health Matters

5 tips to maintain overall wellbeing

(Family Features) While family history and age cannot be changed, there are everyday steps men can follow to take charge of their health, including prostate health, and maybe even prevent problems down the road.

Consider these tips to help lead a healthier lifestyle.

4 Tips for Dealing with a Disease Diagnosis

A diagnosis of a chronic condition such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, cancer, or diabetes can bring a swirl of thoughts and emotions.

There may be relief at finding an explanation for bothersome symptoms, but that relief is often quickly overshadowed by insurance issues, financial concerns, and worry about the future.

If you've recently received a chronic diagnosis, take it one step at a time to navigate the road ahead.

How Pulmonary Rehabilitation Helps COPD Patients Breathe Better

If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) you know that it can impact many different areas of your life. What you may not know is that early and consistent management of the disease can greatly improve outcomes and overall quality of life.

One disease management option is pulmonary rehabilitation, which has the potential to offer life-improving benefits to patients at all stages of the lung disease, according to the experts at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

A dedicated team of health care providers, including doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, exercise specialists, physical therapists, dietitians and psychologists, will work together to create a customized plan for your individual needs.

The majority of patients who participate in pulmonary rehabilitation report positive outcomes, including reduced COPD symptoms, increased physical activity and an improved quality of life. To learn more about the disease, visit COPD.nhlbi.nih.gov.

While there is no cure for COPD, it is highly manageable. If you are one of the 16 million Americans currently diagnosed with this disease, talk to your health care provider about pulmonary rehabilitation.


What to Ask Your Doctor About Parkinson’s Disease

Talking to your doctor about any health concern can be tough, particularly when symptoms catch you by surprise or cause concern. And when it comes to Parkinson’s disease (PD), experts say there are many symptoms that often go unreported at doctor’s appointments, making them difficult to diagnose and treat.


Opioids Aren’t Always the Answer for Chronic Pain Patients

Decorated veteran Justin Minyard struggled for years with chronic back pain. And though his prescribed opioids provided only minimal relief, he developed a dependency on them. Unfortunately, such circumstances are common, as a growing number of patients are struggling with a choice between addictive pills or the thought of living with debilitating pain.

Unhappy Gut? Some People Suffer for Years Before Seeing a Doctor

Abdominal pain? Diarrhea? An estimated 16 million Americans live with a type of irritable bowel syndrome called IBS-D (the D stands for diarrhea), and it affects both men and women almost equally. However, only 30 percent of individuals consult a physician about their symptoms.

Will You Be Able to Afford an Unexpected Health Crisis?

Young people may not give much thought to the cost of an unexpected crisis, particularly when it comes to serious accidents or illnesses. Should an emergency occur, you don’t want to be caught off guard and have to cut back on other essentials or miss out on those special experiences that bring a smile to your face.

5 Surprising Facts about Pneumonia

Pneumonia can strike anywhere and anytime, the American Lung Association reminds us. A serious, potentially life-threatening lung infection, pneumonia is primarily caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi that are transmitted from one person to another. The most common type of bacterial pneumonia is pneumococcal pneumonia.

How to Help a Coworker With Cancer

If you have a coworker who has been diagnosed with cancer, you may wonder, “what can I do to help?” Before leaping right in, the experts at Cancer and Careers, a non-profit dedicated to supporting people juggling cancer and work, say that it’s important to figure out how to provide the most effective forms of support.

4 Tips for Managing Asthma

Asthma is a lung disease that makes breathing difficult for millions of Americans throughout their lifetime. While there is no cure for asthma, with proper management, 26 million Americans, including more than 20 million adults living with asthma, can lead a normal, healthy life. With personalized asthma management and the right support, those living with asthma can stay healthy and safe.